Over the years I have worked on and contributed to various projects in the Android community. My personal projects can be found on GitHub, some of the prominent ones are:

  • Android Password Store: Full fledged client for pass.
  • openpgp-ktx: Reimplementation of OpenKeychain’s integration API in Kotlin, powered by Android Jetpack.
  • Viscerion: Android client for the WireGuard™️ VPN protocol, built with Android Jetpack and Kotlin. It was retired in February of 2020 and work began to upstream its features to the official WireGuard client, more about the decision can be found in this post.
  • floating-action-button: Android library for drawing expandable Floating Action Buttons that conform to the material spec. Fully written in Kotlin and used in production in Hyperion launcher.

I engage in multiple sysadmin and DevOps related activities as well to hone my skills.

  • All my sites and applications are self-hosted using Caddyserver and Systemd, the configurations for which are impeccably maintained under git at msfjarvis/server-config.
  • I also maintain a set of adblocking lists on GitHub and the release artifacts can be found here where they’re available in multiple formats depending on the software stack of users.