Hot on the heels of the v1.10.0 release we have an incremental bugfix update ready to go!

As mentioned in the previous release notes, the algorithm for handling GPG keys was significantly overhauled and thus had the potential to cause some breakage. Well, it did.

This release includes 3 separate fixes for different bugs around GPG.

  • #959 ensures long key IDs are correctly parsed as hex numbers.
  • #960 fixes a type problem where we incorrectly used a Array<Long> that gets interpreted as a Serializable as opposed to the Long[] expected by OpenKeychain.
  • #958 reintroduces the key selection flow, adding it as a fallback for when no key has been entered into the .gpg-id file. This notably helps users who generate stores within the app.

The release is going up on the Play Store over the next few hours, F-Droid builds will be delayed until our patch shifting F-Droid to the free flavor is not merged.