Integrating comments in Hugo sites with commento

Adding additional comment backends to Hugo is actually rather simple!

My Dagger Story

Dagger is not the easiest tool to get on board with but it's almost worth the effort. Here's the story of my journey to not hating Dagger.

Server-side analytics with Goaccess

Analytics platforms are often overwhelming and a privacy nightmare -- here's how to bring analytics to the backend with very simple tooling

#TeachingKotlin Part 3 - Caveats coming from Java

Part 3 of #TeachingKotlin covers some subtle differences between Kotlin and Java that might affect your codebases as you start migrating to or writing new code in Kotlin.

Deploying Hugo sites with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions are awesome! Learn how to use it for continuous delivery of your static sites.

Publishing an Android library to GitHub Packages

GitHub recently rolled out Packages to the general public, allowing the entire develop-test-deploy pipeline to get centralized at GitHub. Learn how to use it to publish your Android library packages.

Why I went back to the Gradle Groovy DSL

I was an early adopter of the Gradle Kotlin DSL, deploying it to multiple Android projects of mine, but lately it has been more trouble than I could care for. Here are my grievances with it.

#TeachingKotlin Part 2 - Variables

The second post in #TeachingKotlin series, this post goes over Kotlin's variables and their attributes, like visibility and getters/setters.

#TeachingKotlin Part 1 - Classes and Objects and everything in between

Part 1 of my #TeachingKotlin, this post goes over Kotlin classes, objects and how things like finality and staticity vary between Java and Kotlin.

#TeachingKotlin - Kotlin for Android Java developers

Kotlin's been great for me -- and millions others, as evident by its explosive growth. Long-time Java developers may feel hesitant to give it a shot. This series aims to smoothen this transition, letting people know what benefits they might reap from Kotlin, and what differences should they be careful about.

Tools for effective Rust development

Rust is an amazing systems language that is on an explosive rise thanks to its memory safety guarantees and fast, iterative development. In this post, I recap some of the tooling that I use with Rust to make coding in it even more fun and intuitive

Understanding and resolving SELinux denials on Android

SELinux is not the easiest technology to navigate, and handling it in Android custom ROMs can be daunting to newcomers. This post breaks down the more complex aspects of it into easy to understand steps for people to follow along

How to get involved in open source

Starting with OSS can be daunting for many. Here's a recap of my experiences with OSS with some tips on how to get started yourself.

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